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Can red wine be chilled?

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Someone was moaning to me the other day that a restaurant served his red wine from the fridge, and I had to politely explain that this was okay, in fact the right thing to do in some cases.

Beaujolais works well – and the current vintage doing the rounds (2009) is meant to be the best vintage they’ve ever produced so look out for it – there are some bargains out there. Waitrose I know has a few in their current “wine festival” promotion (Sept 2010).

It also works for big reds where the alcohol is up above 15%. The chilling takes the edge of the fumes going up your nose so you can enjoy the taste a little more.

Lambrusco or Brouilly – the latter is often on wine lists but not announced as served cool (that’s what happened to the bloke who came in the shop) so now you know.

If you have any questions, email me and I’ll cover them off in future videos.

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