October 1, 2010 0

Are “Celebrity Wines” rubbish?

By in Tasting, The Butler Wine-Show

To mark the start of the Ryder Cup I got my hands on some of golfer Ernie Els’ South African wine. Not all bad.

The range of celebs who have put their name to a label ranges across all showbiz: Dan Ackroyd, David Ginola, Cliff Richard, Ian Botham. Some of their wines are excellent. And some are not so hot.

What’s important is this isn’t like getting a celebrity to endorse an advertising campaign, this is their passion and personality bottled, even more so than most celebrity-named perfume.

Making wine is high risk, so it has to be a labour of love – the profits are never going to justify the means. The celebrities want to put something out in the market that they are proud of and its a good way for you to discover new countries or grape varieties.

We’ll do a follow up show on which celeb labels are the best, and let me know you’re experiences.

If you want to know why this video features naked men: when we Googled “Depardieu” and “wine” the picture of him starkers came up top. Same with Ginola…so, there’s a pattern emerging here!

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