October 4, 2010 0

Starters and wine at the New Steine Hotel

By in Restaurants, Tasting

I oversee a fund-raising dinner at the New Steine hotel in Kemp Town Brighton every couple of months where chef dreams up some pretty impressive grub and I match the wines and give a little chat about each.

This week we’ll stick up the three films from the last evening, starting with the starter. A warm crab dish where I picked out a white from Entre-deux-Mers.

This is an area of Bordeux which is worth approaching, with caution. It has the reputation for producing cheap table wines – the sort that are glugged into a clay jug at bistros. But it’s an area of extremes: whites can be up to £100 a bottle, but look for Bergerac on the label and things will be at the other end of the cost spectrum. I’m a fan of Chateau Asard if you’re looking for a particular name, which sells at about £8

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