October 8, 2010 0

Dessert and wine at the New Steine Hotel

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Like all great trilogies the most epic comes last: here in the shape of a pudding. And Chef went too scrambled-eggy with his sweet for the record.

Swig the dregs of your wine with your pudding and it wont work: sugar exaggerates the tannin and acidity in most wines or drinks. Eat a Mars bar and then drink a pint of Guinness if you don’t believe me.

We used a nice dessert wine here from Chateau Poulvere, using Semillon and Sauvignon (just like the white wine with the starter – see, there is a method here).

The grapes for dessert wines are very late harvest and covered in mould and work well with cheese, pate and some desserts. I say that because sometimes dessert wines are ironically too sweet to accompany a dessert. This one worked. Get a bottle and take it round to someone’s next Sunday lunch. You will look impressive, cultured and possibly a little gay.

Why are dessert wines so expensive? Watch the video and I’ll tell you…

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