October 16, 2010 2

All Hail to the Ale!

By in The Butler Wine-Show

For the first time in 20 years Real Ale sales have risen, and lager sales have fallen in the UK. CAMRA is over the moon.

I’m a real ale drinker, its not a huge leap from enjoying and choosing wines to enjoying and choosing real ales, certainly the range is there in terms of flavour.

Good for me then that the 23rd Hanover Beer Festival went ahead despite apocalyptic weather this year under the watchful eye of beery Matt from the fabulous Evening Star boozer near Brighton station.

Matt had picked a range of National beers including ones from Yorkshire’s Rooster brewery, Thornbridge brewer’s IPA, and Hampshire’s Bowman brewery’s Elderflower beer.

My favourite was a light beer from Rooster’s called Arizona that mimicked some of the West Coast USA beers like Sierra Nevada. Really delicious and complex.

The image of ale is changing. Get stuck in. Any pub should be happy to offer you a finger of beer to try before you buy and if you’re new to it you’ll soon know what to look for in any tasting notes.

Golden ales are a great half-way house between gassy lagers and ales and often a little lighter in alcohol.

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2 Responses to “All Hail to the Ale!”

  1. Sue hunt says:

    Really like your wine box tv, works for me. Succinct, slightly quirky, straightforward advice, full of thought. Wondered what you thought of the Thornbridge ale?Haven’t tried any yet but am a Derbyshire lass & know Thornbridge hall well as my brother used to live there, and I’ll be up north later in t’ year so might be imbibing..
    A votre sante

  2. Henry Butler says:

    Thanks very much Sue. I haven’t tried that particular beer but I’ll ask Matt. I had a good time, I had to do a wine tasting in the middle of it for St Luke’s school, so that limited my ale time, my favourite of the night was the Jaipur Pale ale, although a touch too strong at 5.9%. Did you go to Apple Fest this weekend? There were some dangerous Perry’s there.

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