November 11, 2010 0

What is a Bordeaux wine?

By in Questions, The Butler Wine-Show

Bordeaux is a large region down on the left foot of France and it produces more wine that some countries.

It’s vast and vastly important to the world of wine. But there’s good stuff that comes out of it, and some vinegar.

As Christmas comes up, a lot of us will think of putting a bottle of Claret on the table, but there’s more to Bordeaux than reds.

Also seeing Bordeaux Superieur on a label does not a great wine make – this was the lunchtime wine for the workers so they could have something light with their ploughman’s and get back to work.

This is just an intro to the region – there’s so much here we’ll do other programmes on it, but it will give you a couple of titbits for the pub quiz as well as allowing cameraman to put me in an awkward corner over my ex-wife!

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