December 13, 2010 0

Beware of cheap sparkling wine (or fizz…)

By in Questions, The Butler Wine-Show

As a follow up to the last programme, cameraman piped up about how (especially at Christmas) Champagne and other sparkling wines get reduced at the supermarkets. Does that mean it’s bad plonk he wondered?

On the whole, a £10 wine is a £10 wine. You can sell something at a remote outlet for 28 days at an inflated price, reduce then reduce that across your store network and bob’s your uncle: a £30 wine is now £10.

it of course doesn’t mean it’s bad wine, just be aware that the price you pay is what the wine is worth.

You can however spot a poor sparkling wine:
Is the colour a deep golden brown?
Does it taste of fruit cake?
Is it very acidic?
Is it flat?

One way to liven up a cheap sparkle is to add some peach juice, cassis or even Pimms to dress it up.


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