December 15, 2010 0

Christmas Lunch (Round 2): Wine with turkey

By in Questions, The Butler Wine-Show

Santa Henry wants you for his army of elves! And what wine should you drink with your turkey, Christmas day?

There are different schools of thought, here, red or white, but the main piece of advice is to go for something that won’t be overpowered by whatever else you have loaded onto your plate, as well as the drinks you’ve had beforehand.

Remember what I said in an earlier episode about Sherry as a good aperitif, instead of a gin & tonic? The Sherry will accentuate the tastes of the food and wine to come. The gin & tonic will linger in a tangy way, dulling your taste-buds.

So the thinking is, if you’re buying a really good wine, then focus on that and don’t get too sloshed on other things before the big boy is served with the turkey. If you know you’ll be drinking all kinds of things, then get something that can work well as a background accompaniment. No need to kill the piggy-bank as well as the bird. Watch the video to find out more.

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