December 20, 2010 0

Christmas Lunch (Round 3): After dinner wine

By in Questions, The Butler Wine-Show

Port is the classic close to the Christmas dinner, but port isn’t an uplifting drink – it sends you to slumber and that’s not always what you want.

Madeira is a great alternative. Four grape varieties: Dry is Sercial; Medium Dry is Verdelho, Medium Sweet is Boal (and what I would recommend after lunch) and Sweet is Malmsey.

A whiskey goes down well after lunch, and at the shop we have a bottle of liquid gold: Flaming Heart Compass Box Whiskey 10th Anniversary.

3rd alternative to port is Eau De Vie and the one I picked is flavoured with raspberries. Of course, its lethal stuff, but if you put that on the table after Christmas dinner, you’ll still be pulling grandma off the ceiling on Boxing Day.

That’s Christmas Lunch sewn up. Enjoy and send in your photos of you hammered on the day.

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