December 28, 2010 0

Ethical Wine – NZ label shows carbon footprint

By in The Butler Wine-Show

Here I am dressed literally like a muppet to tell you of a new initiative from New Zealand where the Mobious Malborough vineyard are listing the wine’s carbon footprint on the label.

This seems like a good idea: I get a number of people in carrot-munching Brighton coming in the shop and looking for organic wines. As I explained on previous programmes, organic wine doesn’t necessarily mean virtuous wines – the scope for chemical fun and games in an organic label is still pretty high.

The idea of listing the carbon footprint is a fine one: making wine can have a big environmental impact – especially if your buying wines shipped from the other side of the earth – and there’s a lot of power used throughout the process.

I’ve got a couple of examples of producers doing smart things: Waipara Springs again from NZ, reuse their water. While Chile’s Ventisquero pioneered being carbon neutral by re-planting.

For me, if you really want to make a difference, don’t buy wines with a plastic cork.

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