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Help the wine growers of Muscadet

By in The Butler Wine-Show

Cameraman’s New Year’s resolution is to stop being such a grumpy bastard (honestly!) so I thought a good deed might help him feel better about himself.

This is an appeal on behalf of the growers of Muscadet. Its handy because Muscadet tends to be a wine fairly low in alcohol so all of you who have foolishly decided to cut down on booze in January can also do your bit.

Muscadet comes from the Loire valley in France is a bone dry white wine that works very well with fish dishes – probably a little too dry to drink on its own, but the acidity in it will really light a dish of moules or a lemon sole. Yum.

But here’s the thing: a rise in the regions taxes mean that where there used to be about £2.20 of wine in a £6 bottle, that’s halved now so the wine makers can only afford to put £1.10 of wine in a bottle – that’s halving their profits (on top of a terrible harvest) and many of them will go under this year.

Unless you drink their wine! Seriously: buy a bottle of Muscadet this week for your lunch on Saturday.

But don’t buy the cheapest you can find. Not only will it be rubbish but there’s a supermarket behind it squeezing the life out of the growers I want us to help. Not that its an expensive wine: I challenge you to find a bottle over £10.

We’ve got some in the shop, including one made with wild yeast. That’s not a naughty bedroom complaint, but a yeast that creates a surprise of a wine at the end of the process. Lovely.

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