February 24, 2011 0

How to get a hangover (and still learn about wine)

By in Tasting, The Butler Wine-Show

This video will change the way you order and drink wine.

But some background: We’re at Hotel TerraVina, being hosted by Gerard Basset, the World’s Best Wine Sommelier, and cameraman says let’s go to the pub.

We play darts, and sink four pints. Then we go back to the hotel for dinner, and Msr Basset has kindly laid on Champagne.

I think we should show our appreciation with a more expensive wine that either of us are used to on a Wednesday night, that’s followed by two more bottles, some cognac, more beer, grappa, and un-named spirits. We were the last to bed and last to breakfast.

Then we had to record this programme…

I’ll take you through the wines we ordered and a couple I saw on his list that will be crowd pleasers wherever you find them.

BUT – best of all we stole The World’s Best Sommelier’s categories for red and white wine. Its genius. Think about these descriptors when you drink a wine you like and play snap. Then use that descriptor to choose wine in the future it will make the broad field much narrower and manageable.

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