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Chin-wag with Laura Rhys – UK Sommelier of the Year

By in The Butler Wine-Show

Ok: A sommelier is basically a wine waiter. They will help you choose the right wine for the right price.

There’s more to it than that of course: cellar management, creating the wine lists…but all you need to know is they will pair your food with wine if you ask them.

Laura Rhys knows this better than most. She won UK Sommelier of the Year and as a Master of Sommelier as well she has worked hard for the title.

That’s because she loves it. So if you find a Sommelier in a restaurant, don’t be daunted, use them.

Tell them what you normally drink and like; whether you want something safe or to try something new; tell her the price you want to spend to make life easy; and tell her what you’re eating if you want to pair it with your food.

But Laura is adamant: the customer is king. If you want a bottle of white with a rare steak because that’s what you like and drink at home, go for it.

Trust people like Laura. They are not judging you, they are there to help. Be friendly and open and you will have a better time that lunch or dinner.

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