May 12, 2011 0

Eurovision Eurowines (wines to drink while watching the Eurovision song contest)

By in Tasting, The Butler Wine-Show

Its the Eurovision song contest this Saturday and the planets moved into alignment and made it coincide with a venture we are involved with as part of the Brighton Festival.

Residence is a pop up restaurant that Cameraman founded with his friend Chris at City College Brighton and this year the theme is 1970s – duck in orange, steak and chips, prawn cocktail. In that order.

I was asked to come up with some suitable wines for the list and we got talking about those classic pioneers of wine: Black Tower, Blue Nun, Babycham…

Here’s a little about them, a little about the two of the wines from the list, and a little about my thoughts on this year’s UK Eurovision entry: Blue.

Do come down to Residence: its only here for May and the town is a better place as a result:

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