June 15, 2011 0

What’s in a wine label? Part 1

By in Questions, The Butler Wine-Show

How often do you pick up a wine based on it having a nice label? How often do you put a good wine back because you don’t like its label?

Don’t lie.

We’re all a bit shallow and marketeers know it. The fact is some decent English wine has come under fire because the labels are too boring or twee.

We’re finding our feet but we can learn from the successes and mistakes of others.

We went to sit with Creative Director Russell Hayes from Ape – the agency behind many of Tesco’s packaging – to look at some hits and misses from wine design.

No surprise to see the Australian’s being the most innovative…

But there’s England’s Archer & Vine, Cartons from Argentina, class in a glass from Madrid, madness from Killibinbin and Molly Dooker.

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