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Summer wine video catch-up (Henry flies, gets his pride on, and tastes)

By in The Butler Wine-Show

Shopkeeper: Can I help you sir, are you buying or just curious?
Man: I suppose I’m buy-curious.

And so begins our recommendations for wines to drink over the course of the Gay Pride festival.

The innuendo comes thick and heavy, not least from your own suggestions for drinks for famous gay celebrities.

The wines include two excellent but very different pinks, a chardonnay from the West Coast of the USA, and an Alsatian white that sounds like a lewd act.

It will be a miracle if we ever work again.

Its summer time. The kids have broken up. Its pissing with rain.

Time to book a cheap flight somewhere and chances are Stelios will be part of your search.

The flight is £30 but Cameraman once famously worked up a £78 bill on a delayed flight back from Mykonos on Pringles, London Pride and Bacon baguettes.

Easyjet don’t commit their wine brands in the brochure in case of supplier changes. But chances are they will be one of the two we tried the other morning: white Gascogne and a Spanish Rose. It was too early for Red and at £4 a bottle the budget didn’t stretch to it.

Watch. Learn. Take to the skies.

We held a tasting where people could ask for the wines beforehand and the ones with the most votes were tried on the night. Lots of interesting wines came forward but none more so than Cameraman’s contribution: A Chateau Carpenter’s Arms from John Halls in Sussex.

John was born and bred in Shoreham with links to the Royal Sovereign Pub there. He’s been making his own wine for well over 50 years and with his birthday this month we passed round the two bottles Cameraman had purloined.

No one can remember much after that. I think John’s wine would challenge any EU regulation and Cameraman confessed he had used it once to flambe a steak, so high is the alcohol content.

Its great to see people still home brewing, and blending to their tastes, getting to understand the very basics – the importance of fruit and sugar.

Our best wishes to Birthday boy John, and we look forward to many more vintages.

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