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Summer Wine Trip – Part 3

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Over in Espanol, we got time to sit down with Raul Bobet, the man with the plan behind Castel D’Encus.

Raul is a bit of legend in Spanish winemaking as he is a powerful force behind Torres wines. They are a recognisable brand the world over, but one I admire. Yes they produce consistent wines, but are very ethical and not afraid to take a risk.

Raul likes a risk himself so set up D’Encus to make really unique wines – crushed in stone fermenters in the hillsides. He’s a lovely chap, who seems to get what life’s all about. In his eyes he’ll see 30 more years of wine making before he’s pushing up daisies, so that’s 30 more goes as what he calls “cooking” – tryng to create the perfect vintage.

Look for Part 2 of this interview when you’ve set the scene with this one: there he talks about hail, wild boars and the need for method over ego.

The second part of my in depth interview with nice guy winemaker Raul Bobet of Torres and Castel D’Encus.

This will be of particular interest to anyone who is thinking or trying to grow vines themselves. 1000m above sea level, Raul faces battles with hail, wild boar and deer.

Good job the man likes a challenge as hail can claim up to 80% of his whole harvest, plus 50% of the next year’s fruit due to damage to the plants themselves.

If that’s not an example of why every vintage matters, I don’t know what is. As he says, all your work all year can be undone in just 30mins.

Meanwhile he’s working his magic, fermenting grapes in rocks on the mountain and living in paradise.

We raise our glass to him. If you have the opportunity to do the same, please do.

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