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Dave Broom on buying whisky: How much? As a present? Like wine, like whisky?

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A final word from Booze Admiral Dave Brown while we had him. Something we find in the shops is people balking at the price of some lesser known or rare spirits: but some of them, as Cameraman has found out every night since we made our Rum special, are worth throwing in the extra penny for.

The worry is obviously paying a large sum – say £40 + for a bottle – only to find its not to your taste. Ask your friendly local independent retailer for advice. We can find out what your palate does like and steer you in the right direction.

But Dave makes a good point: a bottle of whisky should last a hell of a lot longer than a bottle of wine…should I said…

If our videos with drinks legend Dave Broom have whetted your appetite to try whisky, then the next question will be: where do I start?

Dave helped develop the Malt Whisky Flavour Map, and you’ll find it in most supermarkets, or easily online. It divides the basic flavours of whisky into four categories: smoky, delicate, fresh and rich – and plots whiskies onto a graph for these four.

But those four flavours are applicable to wine as well, so as Dave explains, if you like a zing fresh Riesling you’ll like a Cardu or Linkwood for example – all detailed on the maps.

Over to Dave to make more sense of it all…

“I’ll get him a bottle of Scotch.”

We’ve all heard that. Cameraman wanted a bottle for a work mate who did him a favour and pinched a bottle of Hanky Bannister out of the cellar, poisoning the workmate and his family.

So if you want to truly say “thank you” to someone, will a bottle of Teachers cut the mustard?

Whisky maestro Dave Broom answers the question with options including membership to Whisky Clubs, Japanese Whisky, Independent Distillers, and the new wave of top notch Irish Whiskies – all of which would be very much appreciated by anyone with palate.

Its a fine line between wine and whisky so our hope is Dave encourages some of you to try a new breed of tipple alongside the old.

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