About us

We’re making original food and drink programmes in Sussex, UK. Henry Butler is a local vintner and an absolute wine connoisseur.

Our aim is to answer common questions about wine; showcase local restaurants; and provide a wine school through our programmes so viewers can easily impress their boss/partner/in-laws.

Please let us know your thoughts.

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3 Responses to “About us”

  1. Stephen Watson says:

    Brilliant stuff Henry – very accessible and makes you available all over the world!

    A gentle word though – get that spelling and punctuation correct. Filoxera? And the old it’s and its as ever.

    I’ll work my way through the video collection and will be in to purchase something lovely in the near future :-)

    All the best as always.


  2. robin blackledge says:

    Hi Henry

    Just been watching some of winetv. very good….if you like the chilli pickle and are ever in london please visit http://www.ganapatirestaurant.com/story.html

    - A restaurant run by a friend of mine Claire fisher who trained by osmosis in india and in indian families….just brilliant and i would say actually preferable to chilli pickle…you could do a short series about brighton / london trips and get one up on the capital…good clips about the swan we keep meaning to try it…

    By the way have you been to sugarloaf bakery on the row of shops near king alfreds…this is a welcome addition to brighton and run by someone obviously passionate about what he does…Robin

    PS meanwhile will keep recommending your shop to all and sundry and Will pop in for some more bottles soon…glad to see you have the river cafe house on for 500% lower than you pay in the cafe! (or possibly more)

  3. robin blackledge says:

    email was wrong on last post

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